The Final thing that you need to boost your time to earn more tapbooty coins

Sorry for this late post guys. I’m too busy with my project.

So here it is, the last thing that you need to do, to earn Tapbooty coins faster and easier.


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The apps name is: VPN One Click – which can change your IP address to different country with only a simple click.

So how to use it?

1. Go to apps store and download it – VPN One Click, it’s only free for 7 days, after that you can choose keep using or not is depend on you.

2. After download VPN One Click, just open it, and choose your free trial 7 days

3. When the install and verify is finished, you can go to “Settings” -> VPN One Click

4. And choosing from lots of different country address – remember the US and Euro IP will have more apps which higher coins.

5. After you changed an IP address, you ONLY CAN GO TO TAPJOY website, TAPBOOTY website will not let you access.

– Don’t know what Tapjoy and Tapbooty are? Click here – Connect Tapbooty and Tapjoy to earn more coins

6. So after you changed IP, go to Tapjoy and download apps like normal. If you can to download 1 apps and get coins from Tapbooty immediately then you should open tapbooty front  page before you change your IP.

– But I normally use this way: Changed IP -> download all Tapjoy apps that i can -> turn off VPN One Click -> come back to Tapbooty to get rewards or some apps need some work to be done, just do it and come back to Tapbooty to get coins.


Remind if you may forgot, this is my referral link: when you sign up to that link we both will earn 100coins = $0.10, just like give some domate to me to have a motivation to discover more way to earn easy money for you guys 🙂

Good Luck and Have Fun which this easy way to make your real money to spend on something you want 🙂



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Connect Tapjoy and Tapbooty to earn more coins


tapjoy (Photo credit: doughaslam)

OK so there is a few man have sign up Tapbooty via my referral link: But did not sent me an email to let me help you earn more coin by Tapjoy

So today, I will show it in this topic to let you guys can easy earn more coins.


Step 1: After you sign up with my referral link: (we both will receive 100coins = $0.10), then you can earn coins when download apps in Tapbooty’s app name: Name That Friend

Step 2: Go to website: ( make sure it’s appear an, if it show, then you need to clear your cookies and go to that website again), and sign up with any email you want, don’t need to sign up with your real email ’cause its doesn’t require you verify.

Step 3: In / my apps, you can find an apps name “Tapbooty”, then go to that. It will appears lots more apps for you to download with higher Coins than Tapbooty.

Step 4: Here is the trick. Make sure you still open in other page of your brower. After you finish download apps in Tapjoy and finish their introduction (if have) then go back to website Tapbooty, it will auto add your coins you earn from Tapjoy to Tapbooty.

*** IF sometimes when you go to Tapjoy but did not find an Apps name “Tapbooty”. You should go back to Tapbooty and download any apps to get coins, then go back to Tapjoy and refresh the page, It should appear now ***

Any Question you can send email to me at: OR see me at website: How To Increase Penis Size


Written By Zack from website How To Increase Penis Size

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Thank You for those guys have sign up with my referral link

Once again, this is my referral link to sign up with Tapbooty: (when you sign up with this link, we both will receive 100coins = $0.10)


For anyone who have sign up with my referral link, please comment your email here, I will give you more information to earn MUCH MORE COINS when using another company “TAPJOY.COM”.


I will show you a tip for you to connect between Tapbooty and Tapjoy to earn more and faster coins (which means more REAL CASH)


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Earn Paypal Cash With Tapbooty

How many of you can actactually make money just by using your iPhone or Android’s phone? Not everyone right! So today I’m going to show you how to make easy money with this brand new app called Tapbooty. This app is similar to FeaturePoints, FreeMyApp but it give you more chances of making money faster and easier. Moreover, when you reach to 1000 points which is equal to 1$ you can withdraw and receive the money immediately via Paypal, Amazon, etc. Here’s how to join. By the way, you can install this app on any ios device, not just iPhone and Also in Android’s device as well. Tapbooty to me is the best FeaturePoints alternative.

How to make easy money on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad or Android’s Device with Tapbooty:

Step 1: Go to (this is my refferal ID, please remember to go by this link, we both will have extra 100coins =$0.10 ) on your iDevice using Safari Browser (Don’t forget to type in the whole address)

Step 2: Now login to Tapbooty with your Facebook account ( you don’t need to use your real Facebook account, But your fake Facebook account required at least 20 friends,). After that you will see something like this.


Step 3: Tap on “Name That Friend” > Earn Booty Coins. You will then see a list of apps that you can earn a lot of points. You can see points under its name.


Step 4: Now just tap on any app you want to install. Go ahead and install it, open it between 10-30 seconds. Go back to Tapbooty and receive your points. Isn’t that easy hah? After that you can delete Apps you installed


Step 5: When you reach 1000 coins = $1, you can get reward by Redeem to Facebook gift card, Amazon, Paypal account ( just type your paypal email , nothing more need, 100% safe), and with Paypal account you know that is real money? And Starbucks card required $5


That’s it. Enjoy making money so easy on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android’s device with Tapbooty.

And Instantly money come to Paypal: 


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When you create an account with my referral link above then comment your email here, I will teach you how to make much more with Tapjoy connect with Tapbooty. You can make $10 around an hour just by install FREE APPS in your FREE TIME, trust me. I’m using this method to make real money.


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